Bucket List

In no particular order and always growing....

Go hot air ballooning
Go on a helicopter ride
Write something in wet cement
Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
Ride a camel in Egypt
Float in the Dead Sea
Make and eat spun sugar
See and hike the Grand Tetons
Visit all 50 states (See progress)
Go spelunking
Rappel down a waterfall - Completed!
Visit an active volcano - Completed!
Visit the Grand Canyon
Go whitewater rafting down the Colorado River
Learn how to kayak
Visit all the Disney parks
Walk the Great Wall in China - Completed!
Go on a cruise
Experience zero gravity
Learn how to SCUBA dive - Completed!
Visit North Base Camp on Everest
Go to Machu Picchu
Climb Mt. Fuji in Japan - Completed!
Visit New Zealand
Go on an African safari
Learn how to play the piano
Hike the Kalalau Trail in Kauai
Try paddle boarding
Complete a marathon
Find a four-leaf clover
Take a cooking class - Completed!
Kiss under the mistletoe
See Phantom of the Opera
Have children
Visit Mardi Gras
Participate in a triathlon (See Progress)
Read 1,000 books (See Progress)
Learn how to knit
Play laser tag
Be in a jumping photo
Drink wine in Italy
Grow my own vegetables
See the Northern Lights
Attend a Murder Mystery dinner
Step foot on all 7 continents
Eat fish and chips in London
Go to a rodeo
Be an extra in a movie
Visit Lovers Bridge in Paris
Drink from a coconut

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  1. I have written on wet cement!!!!! This is Nana.