Tuesday, April 15, 2014

King Steakhouse

Word has gotten around that Dustin and I like to travel and explore new things. So I'm always excited when someone approaches me, thanks me for writing about our adventures, and then requests I go somewhere new. This time the recommendation was for a steakhouse we have never gotten around to trying. (Although it was mentioned in the indoctrination tour on our very first time off base.)

The recommendation went a little something like this,
There's a chocolate fountain. And a salad and fruit buffet. Corn Soup. And the steaks are American-sized portions. Not too expensive either.
You had me at chocolate fountain.

So Friday evening I messaged some friends and we went exploring this new restaurant. Surprisingly, only one out of eight had tried it.

A friend's HUGE steak!
The serving sizes were quite large compared to what we have had at other places in Japan.

Clockwise TL: garlic, lotus, tri-tips, and sirloin.
The steak, vegetables, salad and fruit buffet, and dessert fountain came to about $13 per person. Not bad for King-sized (pun!) portions of good food.

Also, we got to try fresh lychee. Animal Crossing fans will be happy to know this soapberry is quite delicious.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 11 - Put the lime in the.... tummy.

This week I have noticed a gradual uptick in my energy. I can make it to 8:30pm without having to prop an eyelid open. I'm all for a small return of my normal energy level.

This week was also difficult on the sleep front, but not due to baby woes. Dustin got called in three nights out of four with Thursday night meaning five different trips from bed to work between 10pm and 5am. I shall channel all extra energy to him today. But just today, love, I'm a baby-makin' factory over here.

Nutrition: Pretty good. No obscure cravings and no major changes from my pre-pregnancy diet. Veggies, fruits, lean proteins. And hardly any Goldfish.

Cherry blossoms season is ending. We got out a few days to enjoy their quick splendor.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 10 - Heartbeat from the Shrimp

This week we had our first ultrasound. What an experience.

Everything looks peachy. No changes to the due date (Oct 31). Heartbeat was 160bpm (a girl?) and our little shrimp (or prune) was wriggling around a bit.

General Feelings: Doctor gave me the go-ahead to start my running back up. Yay! I'm still in my pre-pregnancy work clothes, although my pants are getting a bit snug. I blame not running and Goldfish.