Tuesday, April 15, 2014

King Steakhouse

Word has gotten around that Dustin and I like to travel and explore new things. So I'm always excited when someone approaches me, thanks me for writing about our adventures, and then requests I go somewhere new. This time the recommendation was for a steakhouse we have never gotten around to trying. (Although it was mentioned in the indoctrination tour on our very first time off base.)

The recommendation went a little something like this,
There's a chocolate fountain. And a salad and fruit buffet. Corn Soup. And the steaks are American-sized portions. Not too expensive either.
You had me at chocolate fountain.

So Friday evening I messaged some friends and we went exploring this new restaurant. Surprisingly, only one out of eight had tried it.

A friend's HUGE steak!
The serving sizes were quite large compared to what we have had at other places in Japan.

Clockwise TL: garlic, lotus, tri-tips, and sirloin.
The steak, vegetables, salad and fruit buffet, and dessert fountain came to about $13 per person. Not bad for King-sized (pun!) portions of good food.

Also, we got to try fresh lychee. Animal Crossing fans will be happy to know this soapberry is quite delicious.

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  1. This was a fabulous night out, and the food to price ratio was very proportional. I'm so glad you suggested it!