Thursday, May 19, 2011


Every line of work has acronyms. It makes sense. We are too lazy to say or type out the whole word so we come to an agreement on shortening it. Usually this involves the initials of the word or phrase and is heavily used by the military. Which leads to my recent frustration.
While Dustin is being Indy Jones in the desert I am struggling to understand the military think process. Most of this confusion comes from an inadequate understanding of military acronyms.
“Ma’am, check MOL for the LES and tell me what your S’s MOS and EAS are.”
“Go to the PX, visit IPAC, schedule TMO, and call PTO.”
“Make sure you have your POA, HC, and FAVN documents on your person.”
“You going to MCB or MCAS?”
After meeting with multiple people I’m starting to understand a wee bit. Just a wee. I have a headache.

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