Friday, November 9, 2012

Beauty Pampering

The United States Marine Corps Birthday is coming up and celebrated every year with a formal ceremony and dinner. Over the years we have attended many balls and had good and bad experiences. As our first time to experience this overseas we are going all out. For me this means formal hair, makeup, dress, shoes, and bling. Dustin gets it easy and just has to wear his "blues" uniform.

A few months ago the base put on an event called Semper Style. This gave all the organizations on and off base to show off their wares and services related to a formal event. There were jewelry displays, hair demonstrations, and a fashion show. Also included was a speech on appropriate ball attire. I thought it would be about the degree of formality of attire. Instead it was advising women not to go risque with their attire. Even as adults we need a speech on being classy.

While at the event I picked up a brochure for POLA, a Japanese beauty company. Japanese women are gorgeous. They don't seem to age and have flawless skin. I've read that this is due to their diet (lots of seaweed) and culture (no sun exposure). The women I work with also attribute their flawless skin to a monthly facial appointment at our local POLA. So as a person with not-so fabulous skin I decided I had to give this a try. The package I selected came with a skin consultation, facial, and then makeup application on the day of the ball.

It started with a twenty minute skin consultation. Now this wasn't just some women sitting back looking at my face to determine my skin type. No, no. In Japan we are all about the science. She took a water retention test, measured my oil production after cleaning, and put clay strips around my eyes to track my wrinkle movement. All of my results are sent to their laboratory and then I will receive a detailed analysis of my skin type and a way to monitor my wrinkles. (As if the pictures every year don't already show that!).

After that she took me into a private room where we started with a wonderful foot and leg massage. I'm here for my face, right? Oh, this is included? Nice!

For the next ninety minutes I was completely pampered. First was a full upper body massage. Numerous creams and toners were gently rubbed in my face. During this time I had a steamer a foot above my face to open my pores.

Next she used a machine with a small straw on the end to suck dirt and grime from my pores. After covering my whole face I got another cream gently rubbed in. Next was a small electronic massager on my chin and temple (to stimulate collagen production?).

Finally I got another massage and a gentle moisturizer. They also would put on makeup for you if I was going out and on with my day. I was so relaxed that I barely made it home before I zonked out. I've never received a facial so the next morning I called my beauty-expert, Nana. After recounting my experience she confirmed that nothing she has ever experienced has come close.

Just one more reason I love Japan.

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