Friday, December 14, 2012


We’ve been a little MIA lately. If you are unaware of the current restrictions on United States military members then do a Google search of “Okinawa US Military.” Weed out the recent North Korean missile (crazy, I know!) news and you can see the recent events that have caused heightened restrictions on all military branches stationed in the Pacific. Due to these restrictions, we have been less active in the local area.

So stay tuned for upcoming Japanese events…

On the home front, we have had some changes. Most notably, I have changed careers! After ten years in management and seven in banking (collectively, I’m not that old!) I have taken a new position. And I love it. Two months in and I couldn’t be happier. I get to play with Excel all day long (this coming from the person who, for fun, watches YouTube videos on advanced Excel techniques). I’m not wishing everyday was Friday. Crazy, I know.

Dustin stays busy with work and extra activities, although now he is not doing the martial arts training in the morning. He’s now a black belt and has started using military moves in our tickle fights. There is a possibility of becoming an instructor down the road and Dustin is considering it. He’s decided not to put in an officer request this go around. Maybe next year will bring some changes…

Zero is fat. No change there. :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Nana thinks that you sent her a book called,"Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things." She is trying really hard to understand the things in it, but she was just wondering if you intended the book for me? Or maybe Tyger? Perhaps, she's thinking like your mother, because when your grandfather sent her a book of Sudoku, she though he was making fun of her! But we know that this wasn't your intention with Nana. She'll keep studying it if you want her to.

    1. I sent her the unicorn meat and you the book for fun. Don't read into them too much!