Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Sick Adventure

Sadly, I have had the flu for over a week now. In fact, I'm going on eleven days of a congested feverish life. Ehhhh! But a little sickness has never kept me down for too long. With a long weekend plus a free day off from work, I wanted to be in warmer climates with my husband. So I planned a quick trip to Okinawa. I spent two weeks enjoying the area, but I didn't write too much about it the first time. In fact, only this one post. I promise more this time.

There is a guaranteed flight down on Friday afternoons so I was able to secure a seat on it. Unfortunately, the flight was a wee bit of an adventure in itself. My seatmate was also quite sickly. He was moving to Okinawa for a two-year unaccompanied tour and had been on the plane for 20+ hours. We talked over cough drops and I shared some tips I've learned while being stationed overseas. As we began our descent, the little boy across the aisle stood up and vomited all over me. He then runs, still vomiting, down the aisle to the bathrooms. It was EVERYWHERE!

It officially was the worst flight I have ever been on!

But I had arrived in Okinawa and got to spend some time with Dustin. Plus there were beautiful orchids everywhere. A little sacrifice for beauty, right?

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