Monday, February 24, 2014

Sapporo TV Tower

After touring the Sapporo Beer Factory we took a taxi to Odori Park, one of the main sites for the Sapporo Snow Festival. It seems every major city in Japan has a high observation tower. Sapporo is no different so we climbed to the observation deck to view Odori park and the surrounding city at night.

From the bottom

After our sightseeing, we walked through Odori Park and watched the finishing touches get put on larger than life snow and ice sculptures.

I started getting pretty cold. I was well-layered but with the wind between the buildings is pretty fierce. So we called it a night and came back out the following morning to catch some sculpting in action. The city closes the middle lanes of the road and ice is brought it in on huge trucks. Then the carving begins...

And lastly, a horse eating ramen. Yep.

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