Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hiroshima Food Festival

We traveled up to Hiroshima for the Food Festival on Saturday afternoon. It was a gross rainy day, but we were dedicated to the food. Have you noticed we like to eat?

For some scale... these flowers were the size of my head.


The vendors were each selling their foods. Yelling to get attention (hawking?) is big here and each vendor was competing to get your attention and ultimately your money. We got a lot of food for very little yen. This first tent was very nice and gave us a free sample before we bought. Sesame donuts with a sweet bean paste inside. Their donuts are different than American donuts.... not sure how, but they taste just a little different. Also we bought a small donut with curry inside! Talk about the best of both worlds! Sweet donut and delicious Japanese curry!
Sesame donut with bean paste & curry filled donut

Cooking w/blow torch

Whole fish w/salted fin

Donut on a stick!

Purple sweet potatoes and chicken/onion skewers

Prawns anyone?
So much great food, flowers, and music!

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