Sunday, October 30, 2011


Friday night brought us pretty nasty weather. We had planned on walking out for some Japanese curry at CoCo Ichibanya, but after looking at the rain coming down we opted to stay closer to home. We haven't eaten at any of the restaurants on the main road outside the Main gate so that became the plan.

There are a few restaurants but the one that I have been wanting to try is Kin-nan. It is a tiny little restaurant with a drop kitchen on one side of the room and a few tables on the other. It is considered a "Japanese steakhouse." And no, it's not comparable to the local Outback. Nothing is comparable... every course was amazing.

We decided to go with a set because it comes with multiple courses. Our first course was soup. It was a creamy broth with a slight potato taste. I honestly have no idea what the soup would be called. I asked Dustin what he thought it was and his response was, "I don't know. Delicious?"

Potato-ey, brothy goodness
Our next serving was a cabbage salad. As always, Japanese food doesn't disappoint. The salad dressing was a house made dressing that was sweet and tangy. Maybe a thousand island type?

We opted for bread instead of rice with our meal. We each got one piece of bread and butter. It was pretty good too. But the best was yet to come.

Steak! We aren't big red meat eaters, but when we do we want the good stuff. So we got a small fillet mignon wrapped in bacon with vegetables. Everything was cooked perfectly and the seasonings were quite tasty!

Fillet Mignon and veggies
I've never had steak be so tender. I think I could have swallowed without chewing! The carrots were nice and soft and reminded me of Thanksgiving. Absolutely one of the best meals we have had here. I couldn't remember how to say the food was good so I wrote my thanks on a napkin and gave it to the owners. Sometimes a smile just isn't good enough.

Definitely adding Kin-nan to our favorites list.

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