Friday, January 27, 2012


A few weeks ago I had my semi-annual cleaning at the dentist. My technician was a small Japanese woman who spoke very little English. In fact, the only word she spoke to me during my visit was "suck." She would say it when I was to close my mouth and let a tube suck down saliva and water.  The best part was the great emphasis she put on the word. "SUCK!"

Yes, ma'am.

The cleaning was very routine. She held up laminated cards that had the steps of the procedure.

"Now I am going to floss teeth." "Now I am going to polish teeth."

At the end of the exam she handed me a small piece of paper that I took to the front desk. I was then scheduled for another appointment for what I thought was just a filling.

I was wrong. When I arrived the desk attendant told me to go down to the pharmacy because I needed to take drugs before the dental work.

(What?! I thought this was just to get a filling!)

Turns out they had scheduled me for a procedure to remove and replace all my old fillings. Four shots, Percocet, and a high-pitch drill later...

ouch. ouch. ouch.

Never again will I trust the laminated cards!

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  1. I hate going to the dentist; you wouldn't believe what I've been through since I was a child. We went to Nana's dentist yesterday (She's a mini you.), and it still gives me the creeps. By the way, I loved the book you're reading.