Monday, January 2, 2012

Zero's First Trip

We have officially been here for 1/12 of our total time and Zero has never been off base! We walk her almost every night in a loop around the housing area and let he run in the fields, but have never actually taken her off base. We walk out in town all the time, but usually with the end game of finding good food. Taking a dog doesn't make trying new restaurants very easy.
So now with the car we have set out to change that. Our first trip with Zero off base was back to the Kintai area. Our first visit was a very long walk, but have been back multiple times to hike the mountain. We thought it would be a good place for Zero to explore.

"Please take this sweater off me"
The beginning of the trail is an old paved road up the mountain. The incline is pretty intense. I don't think the Japanese people believe in switchbacks.

This picture does not do the incline justice.

Do you see him?

A hidden Buddha on the trail!

Old Well

Small waterfall

Interesting camouflage tree

Zero leads the way!
It was a wonderful day for a hike and a great way to spend the afternoon. Zero curled up in the backseat fat of the car and slept the whole way home. She had a great first experience in Japan!

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