Thursday, October 11, 2012

Traveling to Kyoto

Alright! Back on the exploring and adventuring journey! Columbus Day is also a Japanese holiday called Sport's Day. It became a national holiday after the Olympics were held in Tokyo in 1964.

We decided to take the shinkansen up to Kyoto on Friday afternoon so we could have extra time to explore. After a two hour ride we walked around the train station looking for something tasty. Around one corner we came on a wall of tasty!

Oh My!
Unfortunately we decided we needed some real food in our tummies before this decadent treat. After a quick bite from the 7-11 we continued down to the local train that would take us closer to our hotel. One thing that was different were the guard gates on the train tracks. Most train stations we have been through are open track. Here there was a gate up that only opened when the train was present. A coworker explained that they are to keep people from jumping on the tracks.

We took the train and walked to our hotel. It made it a late night, but meant we were already in Kyoto to explore the next day.

Vending machine was out of tea!

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