Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beijing Olympic Park

We were very lucky with traffic in the city. We sped through areas that normally would take a couple hours. With this extra time we made a quick stop the the 2008 Beijing Olympic Park.

First up, the Cube.

The walls are bubbly! The complex is huge. Oh, look at the sky. That's pollution on a "beautiful clear day". It was a little difficult to breathe sometimes and I had to put drops in my eyes daily. Yuck.

Around the Cube we found the Birdnest. Architecturally, this may be one of my favorite buildings. Pictures don't do the design justice.

Olympic Tower aka "Pollution" Tower
All around the city we found beautiful roses. They were everywhere and quite stunning. The colors ranged from deep multi-hued purples to yellows and whites.

Quite breathtaking. Oh wait, that's the pollution stealing my oxygen.

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