Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tea House

We were getting thirsty and mentioned it to our guide who quickly arranged a tea ceremony for us. Dustin and I are coffee-drinkers, but I never turn down a chance to try new things.

All different types of teas: black teas, green teas, rose teas, oolong teas, ginseng-infused - whew!

My favorite was a tea designed to also be a beautiful display. Start with a ball.

End with a beautiful flower and arbor!

The young man who performed our tea ceremony was very nervous. His English was perfect, but he was a little twitchy. Dustin and I are pretty mellow people so after a few minutes with us he lost his nervousness. He explained all the teas and how to make each one.

Lastly, he surprised me with a way to tell if your tea is ready. This second display was set up for the video so my original reaction wasn't captured. I was quite unprepared!

No pee, no tea!!!

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