Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving Day!

Today is moving day. Really it should be titled Moving Day #1 as it is the first of four. This is when all the big stuff finds temporary homes in triple thick paper, corrugated cardboard, and (a surprise) metal containers. These metal containers are like miniture eighteen-wheeler trailers and our couch perfectly fits right in. Kinda one of the coolest containers I have ever seen.

I have been looking forward to this day for a while. It is one more benchmark to mark off the "go to Japan list" and another tick off "days till Dustin returns home." So this is how it went:

At 8:00 AM I awaited the movers arrival. Sharpie. Check. Secured special documents. Check. Locked Zero in kennel. Check. I am ready.

At 9:30 AM I got my cell phone out to call as they pulled up in the driveway. If only I knew that trick worked earlier.
By 10:45 AM They had packed up the entire house.

At 11:00 AM They left for a two and a half hour lunch.
Finally, by 5:00 PM I had an empty house with a lone (and uncomfortable) air mattress.

Pretty cool. Especially since I just sat around and watched television. Which was very boring. How do these wives stay home all day?! I was bored and almost fell asleep after reading for two hours. I finally settled on a four hour marathon of VH1 counting down the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

...which was depressing since I hadn't heard of many of them. But, alas, the goods are being loaded onto a ship bound for our new home and will travel ever so slowly for the next 72 days.

Moving Day #1. Check.

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