Friday, July 1, 2011

No Zaturn For Me!

So today at work I stumbled across an old email that was the beginning of our "Japanese Bucket List." Hmm, maybe we should rename it. I don't plan on kicking the bucket in Japan. Okay. So while reviewing the beginning of our "Must Do In Japan Before We Leave" list I got the idea that I should add to it. So being at work with nothing better to do I started to Google.

And I found Space World.

A theme park! Alright! Dustin and I have thoroughly enjoyed all things roller coaster and thrill ride. This place looks awesome!

Until I see this:

Now I don't think there is a rollercoaster I won't ride at least once. I can stomach muscle my way through any drop and twist, but this thing scares me. It is only 8 seconds long and just shoots you. Let me add that you are secured only at the waist.

I may have met my match.

1 comment:

  1. This looks like the one Tyger and I rode at Universal-Not!