Friday, July 22, 2011

For My Customers

Thank You
By Natalie Tice

Welcome! And thank you for banking with us.
Thank you for sliding your card.
Thank you for misspelled deposit slips and bad math.
Thank you for your patience while I fix these errors.
Thank you for knowing how many days till Christmas.
More importantly, thank you for knowing how many paychecks till Christmas.
Thank you for always doing the same transaction with the same denominations.
Thank you for your witty questions like “Got any extra?” or “Free samples?” I’ve never heard them before.
Thank you for small candies, chocolates, cookies, and breads. Thank you for muffins, fresh vegetables, boiled squash, and bitter melons. Thank you for peach fritters with fresh whip cream.
Thank you for free coupons.
Thank you for calling me Nicole, Nancy, and one time Veronica. I’ve always liked Natalie, but I’ll answer to them all.
Thank you for pointing me and out and saying “Well she always does it!” even when I probably didn’t do anything special.
Thank you for confusing me for my boss. She’s at least 40 pounds lighter so that made my day.
Thank you for bringing back money when I count poorly.
Thank you for sliding in as we lock the doors unprepared and with a long-winded story.
Thank you for not giving me all your transactions at once and, by the way,
Thank you for sliding your card again.
Thank you for entering your secret code.
Thank you for yelling at me and sighing dramatically.
Thank you for telling me about your wonderful vacations on Monday. In the future, please wait till Tuesday.
Thank you for multiple deposits of less than a dollar with receipts in triplicate.
Thank you for driving off when I had a referral conversation prepared.
Thank you for being polite and understanding when you know soliciting is a job requirement.
Thank you for counting your money before you leave.
Thank you for recommendations on where to eat and shop.
More importantly, thank you for warnings of where not to eat or shop.
Thank you for sharing your stories, worries, and adventures.
And thank you for listening to mine.
Thank you for the tears and the oh-so-many laughs.
Yeah, thank you for all the laughs.
Thank you for asking about me, my health, and my husband.
Thank you for being my friend.
So, come on down or slide on over, I can help you right here.
As always, it was my pleasure.

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  1. This is brilliant! I think BOA should post it. Love you, Nana xxxxx