Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Review - Water for Elephants

So I finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. With all the hype and recommendations from Facebook friends I was really excited to pick this one up. At only 300 pages I figured it would be a quick read that would pass some time until my husband returns from Afghanistan.

It was very disappointing. In fact, I wish I had borrowed it from the library and not wasted a full $9 for the NookBook.

Elizabeth Judd says it best. "She also asserts a grand passion between Jacob and Marlena that's never convincingly demonstrated." This is supposed to be one of the most romantic novels of the year. By page 50 I am supposed to believe that this is gut-wrenching passion, once in a lifetime love, Notebook-worthy commitment. Maybe I missed it.

Read the Wall Street Journal's review. I couldn't have said it better. Pretty pictures aside.


  1. Thanks for the warning. I don't even want to see the movie.

  2. The above is from Nana. I don't have a Gmail.

  3. I highly recommend it because it will remain on your mind for weeks after reading it and you'll be glad you got to know the characters and their stories.