Thursday, December 22, 2011


Now that we have a car our exploring radius has gotten much bigger. Tonight we drove out to a ramen restaurant that was recommended by some of Dustin's coworkers. It is called Nagahama. Now I like ramen. I like cheap 22 cent ramen so I was expecting to be blown away by "the real stuff". And I was.

I got a set that included a rice dish. It starts with sticky rice, a layer of dried seaweed, Japanese pickles, bean sprouts, and roe. Yep, fish eggs. I didn't like them so Dustin ate them for me, but the rice, pickle, and sprouts were good.

The ramen was very good. I added ground pepper and fresh garlic. Yummy! Dustin added fresh garlic, red pepper oil, and 'ramen sauce'.

The best part was the gyoza. The man makes it fresh and then fries it super fast (about 3 seconds) in this machine. It sounded like a vacuum.

We got a small surprise when our drink as brought to us. Usually when you sit down you automatically get a hand towel to clean your hands and a small glass of water. This time it was a foggy liquid that tasted like dirty water. At first we weren't sure if this was just a dirty restaurant and their water was bad. I texted a friend and sent this picture. She said it is a tea that comes with noodles and is either a Japanese bean or wheat tea. At least it wasn't dirty dish water, but not my cup of tea.

Definitely pretty tasty for a Tuesday night!

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