Friday, December 23, 2011


Now that we have a car I have vowed never to cook again. Tonight we went to Shiva, an Indian restaurant that has been recommended to us many times. Maybe some of our family that has been to India can help us with the food names.

The first course was a thin cracker with a kick. We tasted sesame, but weren't sure what all was in it.

The next course was a vegetable soup with cream.

When my meal came I sat there for a while figuring out how I was going to eat all this food! Good thing they have take-out boxes. My course came with nan, the sesame cracker, salad, rice, and mushroom curry.

Dustin's meal was pork curry masala with cheese nan. His was too spicy for me, but he ate it all.

Sorry it is blurry.

The service was great and the owner speaks better English than Japanese. He just came to Japan about six months ago from Germany where he had a restaurant outside the army base. He was very nice and we talked to him for a while about Iwakuni.

Did I mention the food was great? It was great.  :)

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