Monday, February 27, 2012

Shimonoseki Aquarium

MCAS Iwakuni offers many different ways to enjoy the area culture and events. Our information and referral office will help you plan a trip, book your hotel or send your luggage ahead, or tell you what can't miss events are going on this weekend. Another major benefit are the group trips they take to places all over Japan and the Pacific theater. Sometimes during our exploring Dustin and I wish we had a translator or guide to explain some of the random things we encounter. So we decided to take our first group bus tour. This past weekend they were going to the Shimonoseki Aquarium.

From Google Maps
The bus trip took two and half hours, but it meant I didn't have to brave the Sanyo (freeway) in our little K-car. I'm pretty sure it won't survive anything over 45 kph. Dustin got some quality reading and I watched the passing scenery.

Shimonoseki Aquarium

"You can't make me look at you!"


"Seinfeld" -fish

Archerfish! - Shooting water at food in the hearts
Dolphin and Sea Lion Show
Our language comprehension is getting better. Dustin and I were able to understand most of the show. Couldn't read many of the plaques, but that's still a long way off!

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