Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl.. Monday?

The other day my mom asked me if I ever get to watch American news programming in Japan. We do, but only Tuesday through Saturday. Being twelve hours ahead of the east coast means that most television that we would watch hasn't happened yet. I do miss my daily dose of Matt Lauer while brushing my teeth. My mornings aren't the same without him.

But I digress.

The base has been abuzz with the big game coming up this weekend. So how do our Marines and Sailors watch the game when it comes on at 8AM on Monday morning? Why, you close the base and make it a holiday!

Yep, Monday is a day of celebration for our nation' I don't even know who is playing this year (nor do I care), but I find it very interesting that the whole base is CLOSED. Sakura Theater will be showing the game on "the big screen" with free food and drinks. Also, because Iwakuni recently got cable the same commercials seen stateside will be shown.

Unfortunately, this closure doesn't affect me. Although, I recently read an article that talks about the most popular day to call in sick. The first Monday in February (cough, cough) sounds good to me!


  1. What do you mean that you don't know and don't care who's playing! Your Nana and I saw Eli play in college-OLE MISS-I had friends in Sunflower County, MS, where his father grew up, and played at Ole Miss, and the New Orleans Saints-another son you may have heard of is Peyton Manning, who played up the pike at TENNESSEE-another brother, Cooper, played at OLE MISS... Should I go on? I've heard the same comments from your Nana, so I don't blame you; you come by it naturally. But as I have told her: You have to care! P.s. Nana watched Downton Abbey while I watched the game.

    1. Go Team Nana! I mean.. yay for the Green Giants. I mean Giants. No vegetables. :)

  2. I give up! You're both hopeless.