Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dinner, Day 3

For our last dinner at the pension we were treated to Italian cuisine. Based on our phenomenal (and long!) meal the day before we were ready for the many courses to come. Here we go!

For the first course we had scallops and mussels with a light cucumber and tomato salsa. The white sauce around it was creamy with a little bit of dill. I've never liked scallops and have stayed away from anything in a shell, but I tried both. They were tasty!

Next came a generous serving of pasta with a fresh cream sauce. There was parsley and chunks of smoked ham throughout. This was my favorite part of the meal.

Unfortunately we both dug right into the next course without taking a picture. We had small pieces of crunchy sea bass on a bed of vegetables. We didn't realize we hadn't gotten a picture until the plate was being whisked (empty) away!

Course 4 was a tasty salad with sesame dressing. This time we had slices of radish. He brought back the waffle-cut cucumber for me after I made a comment the night before.

After the salad came pork tenderloin with a sweet brown gravy. The sweet onion made a repeat performance with a crisp asparagus (cut that day!). He also made a flat sheet of crispy potatoes. Dustin was impressed with these. We tried to explain they were similar to what we call hash browns, but gave up when the translation failed. I was so full from all the other plates (I mean, seriously, this is a lot of food!) that I gave my meat to Dustin and just finished the vegetables. I had to save room for...

DESSERT! So to start in the bottom corner we have raspberry sorbet. This is Dustin's go-to sweet treat at home so he was super excited to see it here. Next to that is a small slice of white cheesecake. Again to the right is an almond cake with fresh strawberry and kiwi. In the glass was tasty panna cotta with raspberry syrup. He also spun some sugar for me so I could experience the cotton candy/ campfire marshmallow again.

What a phenomenal meal! We were so full we didn't move for a full hour afterwards!

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