Sunday, May 13, 2012


I usually try not to post too much about work because that is not very adventurous. Other than the two trips I got to take to Kure Army base by boat, ("no longer in the budget") my work isn't very exciting. However, recently I got to share an American experience with two of my coworkers.


Yes, the delicious gooey goodness! This week is Teacher Appreciation Week so I set out to find something that we could do for our teachers. I'm not a very crafty person so I went on Pintrest to find something to do on short notice. That is when I found this:

How cute! And relatively easy to complete. So off I went to make s'mores. After gathering all the ingredients I set up shop in our break room to create an assembly line. We live on a small base so I was surprised at the number of teachers we have. Iwakuni must have great student to teacher ratios because I'm pretty sure I've not seen that many children out and about on base.

But back to the gooey delicious treats. When I was explaining what my plan was for the schools a coworker didn't understand what I was saying.

S'mores. What?
S'mores. What? Once we got the ingredients mapped out we discovered she had never enjoyed the deliciousness of a s'more!

Well, I just had to change that.

Kumi-san at lunch

First time eating a s'more!
I had to ghetto-fashion a s'more from the microwave and after a couple of quick nukes we got the desired result. I apologized for not being able to add that smokey campfire taste, but at least this would give her an idea of an American tradition. She ate half of it, but said it was too sweet. After eating the desserts in Japan, I would agree that it is very sweet. (This coming from the country that uses sweet bean and sweet potatoes as desserts.)

Later on that afternoon I discovered another associate who had never had a s'more. She is from Peru so maybe s'mores didn't make it there yet. Well, I had to change that too.

Jessica about to take the first bite
How fun to exchange food recipes and traditions!

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