Monday, June 11, 2012

Hirata Fruits Farm

All you can eat? I'm confident we have already eaten our way through a good portion of Japan. So when the thought of 'all-you-can-eat' came up we considered this a challenge we wanted to undertake. After a two hour drive we arrived at the Hirata Fruits Farm. Cherries are currently in season but the cost of buying a small bucket at our local grocery store is astronomical. Ten cherries for 1000 yen (about $13.00)! So when someone mentioned a farm where you can eat all you want we decided it was worth the drive.

We purchased a ticket for thirty minutes of all-you-can-eat cherries. It was a rainy day so I was glad to be in a greenhouse. We were given a small cup for seeds and stems and then set out to roam the trees.

There were three varieties that were ripe for picking.

Satonishiki Cherries - most popular in Japan

Sakuranbo Cherries

"American Cherries"
We ate our fill and then some. The Japanese cherries are very sweet. Not sure what variety the "American cherries" were (Bing maybe?). We found a tree that had almost been picked clean. A worker who knew a little English told us it had the best tasting fruit. We found a small batch at the top and have to agree they were the best tasting.

Almost empty tree

Very full tree
We will have to come back for grapes (September) and strawberries (January)!

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