Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mikawa Mu Valley

This weekend we were only going to have good weather for one day. Did I mention it rains a lot here in Iwakuni? I had heard of a beautiful area about an hour away that sounded like a lot of fun. So we went to Mikawa Mu Valley. A coworker recommended this place because it is themed like an Indiana Jones movie.
 At the entrance was a small booth selling ice cream and snacks. On speakers we heard the Indiana Jones theme and "adventurous music." Off to one side was an area where you could mine for gold. We were very excited about the caves so we focused on that first.

We paid a small fee (about $10 a person) and got a scratch off card and compass.

As we made our way through the caves we would put our compass on a podium. If our directions matched up then this was a clue for us. You could have four different adventures. Our card was labelled WEST so we only did the clues that applied to our story.

Once we determined if it was our clue, we had to figure out the answer to the questions. Each time they were translated into English so we never had a problem. Once you picked an answer you scratched off that section of the card to reveal a new part of the story.

A clue with a secret wall!

As we progressed though the caves we came across an underground lake, a huge cavern, a waterfall.

What a fun adventure! I won't tell you what the treasure was at the end of our story. It was the journey getting there that was all the fun!


  1. I know that Indie would be proud of you. He was in Chattanooga the other day, but they wouldn't say where he was staying, but they showed the warehouse the film company had rented where some of the shots were taken. You know that the old ball field has been upgraded for the movie "42."

    1. I've been following Nana's updates on Harrison Ford. I can't wait to see the movie and catch shots of my home!

  2. What was the treasure? A friend of mine saw indie come out of the blue plate the other day

    1. I won't tell you the treasure! Next time we go we get a whole new story. What a cool place!