Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prima Vera

We've done Italian in Japan a few times now. Each time I play it safe and get mushrooms in a cream sauce. That is usually a safe bet. In Japan food is so expensive that you must eat all the food brought to you, especially rice. It is considered very rude to leave food on your plate that you have been served. So when we go out I stick with something I know I can eat the whole thing and not be pinching my nose the whole time.

A friend recommended a coffee/Italian bistro about a mile and a half from the main gate. Prima Vera is known for their creative decorations in the cream of cappuccinos. For our visit we opted for dinner over afternoon coffee.

Finding the restaurant was difficult. We had tried a night before and driven in squares and circles with no luck. This time we walked out one evening and were able to find it with our iPhones. I forgot to take a picture of the building. It's a tiny little doorway on the backside of a warehouse. Inside it had a glass wall leading to enclosed outdoor seating.

I was in the mood for pasta, but Dustin ordered a set so I decided to get one too. Our first course was a tasty salad.

It was tasty! The cherry tomato was perfect. It had a light sesame vinaigrette. The next course was corn soup with small croutons.

The set comes with an option of bread or rice. We always get bread because the servings of rice are much more than we want to eat. I got garlic bread with big chunks of garlic. It reminded me of a certain dare while we were in California.

Our main courses were different. I had mushroom and shrimp. I thought it was going to come with pasta, but instead there was spinach underneath all the mushrooms. It came with a cream sauce.

Dustin got mustard breaded chicken. It came with lotus roots and another tasty tomato.

We were so full that we decided against dessert. Another tasty meal in Iwakuni! Next time I will make it early enough to see the specialty designs in their drinks.

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  1. Looks delicious, Natalie & Dustin.