Monday, January 7, 2013

"He left us!"

Today is officially the first Monday in January. Now this may not have any significance to you, but for me it brings on the worst pattern ever. Dustin left for training today. This marks the fourth time he has left at the beginning of the year. Yes, I hate Januaries. The first reaction Zero and I have is panic. "He left us! He left us!"

Being a military spouse has many positives. I get to live in amazing places and meet some of the most amazing people. My military family helps when I feel like the world is against me. Over the years I have developed a routine that helps me get through these tough times.
Step 1: Cry absurdly. I mean honky-snotty hiccup inducing tears. Get it out. We've got stuff to do.
Step 2. Watch The Notebook. Not because it is sad or a romantic love story, but because when they get back together in the rain after the boat ride is your motivation. You will have a great embrace when he returns. This allows you to practice looking pretty while doing it.
Step 3. Everything will break. Seriously. The first time my husband deployed everything broke in our house. Hurricane-force winds dented our garage. Our toilet stopped receiving water. I had two flat tires while driving to work. So roll up your sleeves and have many Rosie the Riveter moments.
Step 4. Develop a routine. Walk the dog, do the dishes, go for a run. Create a routine filled with all the things you want to do. Watch trashy television, eat peanut butter with a spoon, and wear pajamas all day.
Over the next couple of months Dustin will enjoy the wonderful tropical climate the South Pacific. That's okay, because I have a routine that will make this time fly by!
Happy First Monday of 2013!


  1. 5. Call your Nana & Fred.
    6. Put on a George Jones CD.
    7. Skype.

    1. George Jones, eh? Yes, excellent music choice!