Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review - January

This year Dustin got smart. When Dustin took off this year he had a plan. I tend to read more books (and more pages for our competition) in the colder months. Add in the fact that he's not with me and I have plenty of time to attack my reading list. But this year he executed a plan.

He took the charger for my Nook.

Halfway through Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion my battery went kaput. No more. Ah! What did people do before there were electronic media?! Oh, wait. The library.

Iwakuni has a pretty great library. I feel like there is a bigger selection overseas than there was at Camp Lejeune. I've spent a good amount of time in our library. Mostly because I haven't quite gotten used to the Nook. It just doesn't have the same aesthetic.

My plan for January was to finish four books including two rereads. I did finish four books; however, only two were from the original list. Below were some disappointments.

The first was not on the list, but I saw a preview for the motion picture that made me chuckle. So why not start the year with zombies and teenage love? After finishing the book (although short story might be a better classification) I have decided that I am more excited to see the movie, because I can add it to the list of movies-that-are-better-than-their-books. It wasn't great. Fun premise and could have been something better, but I felt like it lacked direction. The author built up characters with great detail and then rushes to finish the main plot within a few chapters.

I have been recommended to read this book so many times and I just kept putting it off. For good reason, it's a pain. The foreword praises the author for perfectly capturing the accent and time period of Louisiana in the middle of the 20th century. I'm from the South and I had difficulty following some of the slang. This is another book coming to theaters with Zach Galifianakis in the lead role. Again, I'm looking forward to the movie if only to see how they translate Ignatius to the big screen.

On to month two! Dustin, bring it on.

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