Friday, January 25, 2013


It can be difficult to keep up with news and daily events back in the States. Dustin and I usually watch a day-old morning news program while getting ready, but it is mostly fluff. I'm glad we live in such a technologically connected world, otherwise I would have no clue what the status of our nation was day to day. Thank you Internet! Recently, however, I began acquiring updated events from a new source.

The public toilets in my office building.

Yep, every day when I shut the door for some personal time I get three updated messages from the Pacific Command. Not sure who is responsible for updating the daily toilet report, but I really like it. I mean, really, it's about time our government got on board and provided bathroom reading materials. (Just kidding, for all you literal-os out there!)

North Korea is a repeat offender on my toilet report. Updates on the China-Japan battle for the Senkaku Islands is another common message.

Today's report included an update on the USS Guardian that has been stuck on a protected reef in the Philippines. The images that accompanied the paragraph-long snippet were so striking so I though I would share:

(Know who took these? Help me give a photo credit.)

Having been a part of the military family for a few years I can honestly say - someone is in a lot of trouble.

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