Saturday, July 27, 2013

Square Enix / Artnia

On one of our first trips to Tokyo we visited the Square Enix store. We both were children in a candy factory while walking through the memorabilia from two of our favorite game franchises. We had a few hours to waste before our tour so we took my mother to the birthplace of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (and the new Tomb Raider which is quite a beautiful adventure).

New Headquarters
The offices have moved to an architectually interesting building in Shinjuku. We walked from the train station and found Artnia - a new store/restaurant/art display of Square Enix greatness.

We introduced my mother to a completely foreign world and spent a good five hours trying all their specialty drinks, watching the evolution of the company and its games, and purchasing a small fortune in new music and clothing.


Blue Materia - a blue sugar cube dropped in straight alcohol

Ahem, I present a blurry Buster Sword.

Red Materia
We also tried a few other drinks, but somehow forgot to take more pictures. The alcohol content was pretty high... that may have had an impact. We enjoyed an olive assortment and then it was time to go. If you are in Shinjuku we highly recommend stopping in this area. The drinks and show were phenomenal! Also, Dustin and I were unable to snag all the custom coasters...

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