Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Is this the shimonoseki bridge? Just want to say thanks for writing this blog. I followed your adventures about a year and finally arrived in iwakuni 3 weeks ago! So many adventures ahead of me and I appreciate your insight and inspiration! I may say hi next time I see you on base, don't be freaked out, lol. I am a fan of your writing.

    1. Thanks for following! This is Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. This night it was only lit with white lights which was a bit disappointing... I was hoping for Mario Kart style colors. This shot was taken from the Odaiba side looking back towards the heart of Tokyo. It's an amazing area.

      Welcome to Iwakuni and come say hi anytime! I'm happy to share my traveling tips or some of the logistics of getting around here. Or if you want someone to tag along...