Friday, August 30, 2013

MegaWeb & Shibuya

So my lack of posting is not from a lack of adventures. My family made the long flights out to Japan. Dustin and I took off two weeks to show them as much of our beloved host country as we could. Unfortunately the weather was a nightmare. SO HOT. In fact, one day we were in Kyoto was the hottest day ever record. Ever. Seriously, really hot.

Despite all the heat we had a great two weeks. While in Tokyo we came across some excellent finds. For example, my future car:

Or my weekend car:

!! So cool! We were visiting Toyota MegaWeb in Odaiba. One can test drive vehicles here on their indoor/outdoor track. Unfortunately we weren't able to test drive these beauties.

While visiting the busiest intersection in the world we found this eye-popping advertisement.

And a trip to Tokyo isn't complete without a visit and dessert at Square Enix's Artnia. This time they were running a summer special and I was able to snag a Chocobo collectors mug!

We are such nerds.

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