Saturday, August 31, 2013

Symphony Cruises

One new adventure during my family's visit was a Tokyo Bay lunch cruise. I've never had the cruise ship experience and sometimes even the thought of open water sends me running for the tallest mountain. I am a mountain girl. But I am also a hungry girl so food was an enticing factor.

We decided to go with Symphony Cruises because they had a buffet that would provide more options for vegetarians.

It was definitely a fun experience, but not one I would repeat. Tokyo Bay is very industrial so circling the area provided only a few new sights. It doesn't help that we had already done a day and night city-scape viewing.

Seeing Disney Sea from (hehe) the sea was enjoyable. Also we were able to view Haneda airport for a while.

The Pikachu Plane!
And as usual with Japanese restaurants, the food was superb!

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