Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kashinoki Bakery

Recently some friends introduced us to a wonderful bakery in Iwakuni. Dustin and I have driven past this building many times, but no obvious English signs or window cling photographs we were unable to tell ifit was food or something else. Food, it is. And even better - a fantastic sweets bakery!

We entered and looked around at the different options. They sell packaged cookies and cakes with local ingredients and flavors. Within a few seconds the shopkeeper produced a tray of cool wheat (barley?) tea and a piece of creme cake. Yum!

One of our friends got a green tea flavored-cream layer cake with fresh fruit on top.

Dustin got a tasty sweet pancake with custard and fresh guava.

I couldn't resist the chocolate selection! My teddy was delicious! I love how chocolate sweets in Japan aren't overbearingly (pun!) sweet. It was just right...

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