Saturday, October 12, 2013


There are many things I will miss about living in Japan. One thing near the top of the list is okonomiyaki. It has become one of my favorite meals and makes an appearance about once a week. Some friends recently showed us Tokugawa, a restaurant where you make your own okonomiyaki. I like restaurants where I have to make my food. It's just fun. We frequented many fondue restaurants when we lived in North Carolina. So a place where I can make delicious okonomiyaki was a definite win.

Dustin ordered a full size okonomiyaki with mushrooms and cheese. I opted for a half size and unfortunately, mine did not come with those tasty mushrooms.

First we applied a liberal amount of lard to grease the way.

Next we started pork to ensure it got enough cook time. Normally we tend to eat Hiroshima-style which takes all the ingredients and layers them on top of each other with a thin crepe. We had instructions (in Japanese) on how to create Hiroshima-style, but it seems a bit difficult. So everyone in our group mixed all the ingredients and made it in that style.

After a bit we carefully flipped our okonomiyaki.

Finally we added the final ingredients: melted cheese for some, bonito (dried fish pieces), green onion, red okonomiyaki sauce, hot pepper flakes, and garlic. Yum!

Dustin liked this because he could control more spice and flavor of the final product. I think we may need to have this again for dinner after writing about all the deliciousness....


  1. OMG, I want to come back so I can make my oun okonomiyaki!!!!! If you google it can find a web site where you can buy all of the ingredients. miss you guys love mom

    1. I sent you a box with okonomiyaki sauce. In your grocery store you should be able to find "bonito," fish pieces. The rest is cabbage, pork, egg, and cheese!