Monday, March 24, 2014

Grand Chief Burgers

On the way home from Hiroshima a few weeks ago I saw this huge tepee lit up on the side of the road. What is that? It hadn't been there before on any of our journeys north, at least I hope my powers of observation have not been lacking. Yes, a tepee. And next to it was an Airstream with deck. Oh yum, this is going to be good.

We've had hamburgers in Japan a few times. Like McDonald's or MosBurger, but most of time "hamburger" means a ground beef steak similar to what we tried at Joyfull. I'm not very picky when it comes to food and this tepee/Airstream intrigued me. So I pulled Dustin away from school and we grabbed lunch one afternoon. The pictures were quite a fluke because this place was BUSY! They do to-go orders, another rarity in Japan, so many were choosing that route. I wanted to explore the tepee so we ate on site.

Inside the surprisingly spacious tepee, we snagged a small table. After a few minutes we grabbed our food and began noshing on the best Japanese-American burger I have had to date. Yum! I love Japanese food, but every now and then I just want a plain cheeseburger with onions and ketchup. No popular Japanese additions: no ginger, no egg, no bacon, no horseradish, no no no. Just a plain ol' hamburger. Ahem, cheeseburger.

And this is what I got. Highly, highly recommend this little place if you're looking for a delicious, American-style hamburger. And if you still want some of those Japanese additions, they have that as well. Dustin got the ginger burger that had a subtle hint of ginger couple with a fried egg and spicy mayonnaise. Grand Chief Burger = Yum!

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