Monday, July 30, 2012


We were able to catch a free flight back to Iwakuni after visiting Tokyo and climbing Mt. Fuji. I got to ride in a C-130!

From Google
I couldn't take pictures of the plane or the flight line but found the above picture on Google. The plane had most of the wiring exposed. The pilot met us on the runway and escorted us onto the plane. I got to sit through the mission brief although I shouldn't repeat anything I heard. The crew chief was responsible for us in the cargo hold. He gave us two sacks - one with an oxygen mask with 30 minutes of air and one with a life vest if we landed in water. We sat along the bulkhead in drop seats. We were given ear plugs because it was so loud!

Inside the plane...

Across from us on the plane..

Opening the back while on the runway
I was super excited! What a cool experience - and not something that everyone gets a chance to do! \ Can't beat free, although I would have paid for the experience!


  1. Glad you had a good flight. This type of plane always scared me, especially landing on a carrier.

    1. I would be uncomfortable landing on a ship. I forgot that it would be cold at a higher altitude. We could see our breath! Back on the ground it was 90F.