Monday, July 2, 2012

Loppi Machine

Dustin and I are planning our next adventure to Tokyo. We loved the city and want to go back and explore some other areas and parks. One thing on our list is the Studio Ghibli museum. We love the characters and stories that have come from the company. When we learned there was a museum in Tokyo we knew we had to include it on our next trip.

After doing aome research online about the museum I discovered that you can only buy tickets in advance from Loppi machines.

A what?

A Loppi machine looks like an ATM and is found in Lawson convenience stores. You can use them to buy tickets or pay for internet purchases securely. The entire screen is only in Japanese. I did find one page online that had a translation of the entry screen, but once you got onto the individual museum/sport event page it was all Japanese.

The good thing is we knew enough Kanji to figure out which tickets were for adults and for the day we wanted. The rest I assume was information about canceling. When you are done it prints out a long receipt that you take to the cashier to pay.

It must have worked! We got our tickets! Now we are ready to go to Tokyo!

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