Sunday, July 29, 2012

Studio Ghibli Museum

I know it has been so long since I posted! After our vacation life became a little hectic and I haven't had a chance to sit down and write. While we were in Tokyo to climb Mt Fuji we knew we had to fit in a visit to the Studio Ghibli museum. Tickets are advance sale only. We bought them from a Loppi Machine a few weeks ago.

Monday morning (before the Fuji-san climb) we took the train to Mitaka in Tokyo. They only let groups in at 10AM, noon, and 2PM. We bought tickets for the earliest entry. After a short walk from the train station we arrived at the Studio Ghibli museum!

How cool!

AH! So excited!
  Once we got inside there was no photography allowed! How can I share this epic adventure without pictures? First off our tickets are three frames of animated film from the Studio. No paper ticket stubs, instead we got a paper-framed pieces of 35mm film stock that was shown in theaters.

The first floor was a homage to the history of animation. From strobe lights and moving backwards, paper flips, and computer generated images. There were so many displays that were amazing visual feats all through the movement of paper and color.

The second floor had a large section about the process of animation from the perspective of the artist. There were details on how color layering is done and set design is created in Japanese animation.

We saw a short film only shown in the museum. It was shown in a small theater next to the museum. For more information on the various rooms of the Studio Ghibli museum go here.

While we were at Studio Ghibli we ate at their restaurant. Outside the entrance we saw some tasty tomatillos!

 Once inside we shared a table with three other groups. Two older ladies across from us we friendly, but we quickly exhausted all our Japanese and all of their English. The menu had two interesting drinks that we just had to try.

Check out those prices! Japan is expensive!

Blue Sky and "Here Come the Sun"
The drinks came with real straws - no plastic here. Dustin got a curry pocket with tofu soup. I had a chicken salad sandwich. We finished the meal with the biggest slice of strawberry shortcake I have ever seen. Between the sweet drinks and tasty dessert we were bouncing off the walls in the museum!

Totoro at the entrance
If you like animation this museum is for you. The technology is phenomenal!

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