Monday, July 2, 2012

New Look

I love you all!

I haven't had the new banner up for more than five minutes before I get an e-mail asking why Zero's picture is bigger than the one of Dustin and I at the Hiroshima Carps game.

I will fix it when I can get a better group shot. Until then:

Zero's picture is bigger because...

a) She's adorable and the internet is home for adorable things.
b) She hijacked my laptop and created the banner to show who the real star of our adventures is.
c) After clicking through years of pictures it was the only one that didn't make her look fat.


  1. I shall not tell Indie or Tonks that they are not included it the pic, as their feelings will be hurt. By the way, Love the bucket list. Love mommie

    1. Help me mark some of the items off! Come to Japan! We can go canyoning, climbing, or just be lazy.