Friday, September 20, 2013


I apologize for the delay in writing about this amazing restaurant. Yakiniku, "grilled meat", is very popular in Japan, although it originated in Korea. Similar to a fondue restaurant without the broth, each table has a grill and you cook your own meat and vegetables.

And it is delicious. This time Dustin and I ordered beef strips and basil chicken. So tasty. My favorite treat are sweet potatoes with a little butter.

We roasted our garlic bulbs until they were soft. Peppers, leeks, mushrooms, cabbage, and onion rounded out our vegetables. We also shared a wasabi-ranch salad (not pictured, sorry, I was hungry). I love the small portions and different options provided by yakiniku restaurants. Most will do an all-you-can eat (and sometimes drink) for a set price. We find that a few dishes are enough for a weeknight meal. A very delicious weeknight meal.

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