Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It is time to try a new restaurant. We’ve gotten stuck in the same loop of dinner options. Want curry? CoCo’s. Want ramen? Nakahama. Yakiniku? Gyu-kaku. (What?! I haven’t written about Gyu-kaku! I shall remedy this shortly.) The point being that we haven’t tried any new restaurants in the area in a while.

So tonight we will try MosBurger. It is a chain restaurant that we’ve seen many places during our travels around the country. We have a branch in Iwakuni (coincidentally right across the street from a McDonalds) that we have driven past dozens of times. Time to try it.

One surprising thing was MosBurger has a drive-thru! Not something that we see very often. We didn’t use it. Dustin would kill me if I spilled the MosBurger special sauce in his new car. So inside we went.

I ordered a MosBurger with cheese and onion rings. Dustin ordered the same and an additional teriyaki burger. My burger came with a tomato slice, chili mixture, and spicy mayonnaise. Dustin’s teriyaki burger had some good flavor and is something he “would get again”. That’s high praise from the guy.

The food was pretty good. Not amazing like much of the food I have experienced, but pretty tasty for quick fast food.

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