Friday, December 13, 2013


Warning: contains a choice word.

Dustin and I bicker all the time. We are both snarky and sarcastic. I have a little mean mixed in for good measure. We rarely fight, and we argue occasionally. Mostly it’s general bickering where one or both of us are giggling the whole time.

I'm sure this makes our friends feel awkward. I feel out of place when they discipline their children. "One!.... Two!..." Is that it? What happens at three? I never get to see the good part.

We were driving home from dinner and had a new person in the car. This didn't stop us from breaking out into a Tice debate. How many corners are really at the intersection commonly called "Four Corners"? Suffice it to say there was lots of raised voices and finger jabbing at the respective corners. When the light turned green we realized we were arguing the same side of the point. Again, a classic Tice debate. Our passenger probably thought we were nuts.

Last night I was in bed watering my flowers and picking weeds in Animal Crossing when Dustin rolls over and says,

If this marriage goes to shit, I can't do any better.

Best compliment I've received all year.

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