Thursday, December 5, 2013


Some friends of ours wanted to expose us to a new restaurant. We've driven past Tonkatsu many times but always had another craving so we never stopped. One Saturday afternoon we decided to try it out. A few of my coworkers really rave about the food at Tonkatsu, "pork fry". Popular with locals? Must be great!

Portion sizes in Japan are perfect. I rarely leave a restaurant with that uncomfortable I'm-so-stuffed-and-I-may-explode feeling. Restaurants have mastered the Goldilocks routine - it's always 'just right'. This restaurant is the exception. The portion sizes were massive!

Dustin ordered curry with a pork cutlet. The picture does not do it justice. There had to be at least 400 grams of rice under the curry sauce. He struggled through it and gave away his cabbage.

My meal came with fresh ground sesame seeds. Really fresh. As in do-it-yourself fresh.

My serving was a bit smaller. Cabbage salad with tasty panko-crusted shrimp and potato croquettes. And a traditional set comes with miso soup and pickled greens. Yes, I know. I ordered seafood at a restaurant that specializes in fried pork. No complaints here, my seafood was delicious.

We can't eat there very often. It was very tasty but it was the meal of the day due to the large portions. So much food! Not many places in Japan understand or allow doggie bags and it is extremely rude not to eat all of the food served. The -itis kicked in after we finished, naptime!

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