Thursday, December 26, 2013

Time for a Run

I prefer to run off base near my home. We live on the South side of base less than a quarter mile from the gate. So when the gate is open I will run off base through the narrow streets of Japan. My favorite, and most frequented route, is through the lotus fields surrounding our housing area and onto the seawall. It is a popular route for runners and cyclists and I've mastered the breathy "Konnichiwa!" during my runs.

In the spring, it is a smelly journey until I reach the clear breeze of the ocean. Lotus fields are heavy with manure. In the summer I run through an eight foot lotus jungle. At night it reminds me of corn fields so I run just a bit faster.

I love the silence of the lotus fields and the seawall. Dustin and I have started running without music (so adult of us, I know). I love the quiet of nothing but my breathing and the ocean. And the occasional bird that startles from the lotus always gives me a bit of an adrenaline burst.

We often run with Zero. She loves it and will often be the deciding factor on whether we run or not after a busy day. Zero is excited and running around like crazy? Okay, let's go. We can't say no those Dobby-esque ears.

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