Saturday, January 25, 2014


I love street food. When we travel we tend to stray from the three-meal-a-day rule. It's more like coffee, breakfast, street food, convenience store snacks, street food, drinks, dessert street food.

Korea was no different. After exploring Jagalchi Market (and looking at some tasty and not-so-tasty fishies), we were feeling a bit peckish. A few blocks away is BIFF - the Busan International Film Festival. Although the actual festival was not currently in swing, the area was still bustling with hundreds of street vendors. The area is home to many stores, restaurants, live theaters, and movie theaters.

First up, hotteok! The crowd around this stall was three deep. The line wrapped around the back, but moved quickly. First, you take a yeast dough and allow is to rise for a few hours. Pull off a small hand full and form it into a ball around a cinnamon-brown sugar-honey mixture.

Fry - pushing down with a small stainless steel circle.

Quickly cut open and stuff with dry sunflower seeds.

FEAST! (and get back in line for more)

Om nom nom nom!
Just the right amount of doughy, crispy, sugary, salty, warmth. Fan-tasty-tastic!
Next was fruit. Huge grapes and strawberries on sticks? Alrighty.

Upon closer inspection they are coated in hard sugar! Candy-coated strawberries and grapes.

Already took a bite of the other side. Wait wait! Picture first! oops.

Our street food filled our peckish tummies for a bit so we walked around the huge shopping area. Don't have a stall/store space? Just pull up your truck! SOCKS!


  1. So cool, though candied fruit may be a little to sweet for me. Looks like you had a blast.

    1. It was delicious! The fruit was perfectly ripe. I want to try and make the hotteok at the house one day. So warm and tasty!