Friday, January 24, 2014

Jagalchi Market

First on our sightseeing list was Jagalchi Market, the largest fish market in Korea. We spent an hour walking through the hundred of stalls selling the day's (or maybe the week's - based on the smell) catch. Outside the market, the streets are filled with pop-up vendors.

So many crabs and lobsters!

Considered a Korean delicacy, hongeo, fermented string ray, was for sale. The smell, similar to ammonia, was overwhelming. Just keep walking, walking, walking. 


Assorted plate!

Vendors as far as the eye...nose can smell.
We escaped the coastal wind and went inside the market. The first floor is lined with more vendors.

Sannakji, raw octopus, is another delicacy. Wash the octopus, roughly chop it up, serve. Although technically the octopus is dead, it's still squirming. Enjoy! There were hundreds in every tank and in some of the open canisters they would escape! We saw many making a run for their lives.

The market is a cool experience and was a quick reminder that food norms are so very different everywhere we travel.

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