Thursday, January 30, 2014


There was a whole list of foods we wanted to try while in South Korea. Top of the list was chicken. Yes, chicken. I don't know what magical spice combination is used, but I have read multiple stellar reviews. I must experience this for myself. There are many "chicken and beer" joints around. We walked through many streets until we found Outdark.

Outdark is a popular chain in South Korea and serves up a limited, but delicious, menu. The restaurant is pretty small, and I've heard that the wait for a table can be a bit long. We were quite lucky to walk right up and feast!

Eating is communal. First we shared a small salad with fruity dressing along with some pickled raddish. We had four sauce options to dip spicy chicken and French fries. One was a spicy mustard, and the rest were just spicy!

Next came the super delicious tower of spicy chicken, french fries, and tteokboki. Those little white sticks on top are soft rice cake that are fried. They have the same texture and consistency of a marshmallow. The secret to their delivious (and not a bit greasy) chicken? Fry it twice. Seasoning before, during, and after.

It was great to relax with our spicy meal for a couple hours. The casual vibe in this small restaurant was contagious and provided a perfect ending to an adventuring day.

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